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Psychic reading

We base the reality in which we live on our believes and the way we perceive the world, thus we change them we will change our reality.

I learnt esotericism from many recognized masters and mystiques like the Canadian hypnotherapist David Watson. During those years I got the experience to become the fortuneteller I am nowadays. Now that I can have contact with those entities which will guide you through your whole life, I can provide you proper advices in many aspects of your life to help you live it at your own pace.

Even when I can tell you which questions you have to make, I recommend you to prepare some questions and keep them in mind before assist the session. The most clear and precisely are the questions, the most accurate are the answers.

The topic of the question may be different:

Psychic readings

The psychic readings make possible to read a person’s soul in order to get an in-depth communication with those spiritual beings which grow your conscience levels and provide you the keys to continue your personal evolution. This psychic reading can help you express characteristics of the inner self like authenticity and veracity.

In the same way this psychic reading provides both an explanation of your present and helpful instructions to your future. It allows you identify the origin of your problems and helps you overcome your fears, desires, decisions and motivations.

Developing the psychic reading

Energy field reading

There's no any trick in learning how to read auras because it is as easier as read a book. It is a discipline base simply on interpreting people energy fields. Though, having good psychic equilibrium and ability to link are essential in all stages when start developing this discipline. To make a psychic reading is necessary to have a great sensitivity. It is obtained from making exercises in which you try to perceive your own aura or someone's more. At the beginning, due to the effort trying to perceive the colors and shades of the aura you can feel pain in your eyes or experience like and allergic on them. After a while your perception will become more detailed and precise allowing you get more information.

Work with the universal energy:

The first and most important thing is being capable of see the aura you are going to read. For this you don't need to do a big effort or something like that, you only have to know generally the main energy fields. You can start working with the 4 elements and their attributes while you analyze the sensations they cause in you.

For this purpose take a candle, a jug with water, incense and earth and be near them during 5 minutes. You will start perceiving, even with you five senses, the powerful energy these objects produce.

You can also develop your perception using other methods like meditation, which lets you exercise your senses to feel better the energy when passing your hand over the elements. You may as well train blindly using a pendulum as a catalyst of you subconscious to differentiate elements that are in different places. For example, try to perceive somethings that is in another room and then go to verify if it is really there.

Once you are capable of detecting these 4 energies without needing see them we can pass to the next step that consist in identify the planetary energies. You will use both the cabal and the astrology because the connections and similarities between them will be helpful. As we talk about the studying of energies through the psychic reading, now we will go deeper into the energies you use daily in order to perceive the planetary energies.

During a whole week take daily notes of the planetary hour related to the ruling planet of each day and keep yourself perceiving the link between the energies and their similarities. Example: mercury, wisdom, air, mathematics, cabal. Once you obtain this knowledge along with a moderate perception go to the next step.

Learn how to perceive your own energy:

The second step: know himself. Before making an energy reading you have to know how is formed generally the human being since being able to read someone's more energy allow you identify your own limits.

To start at an inner level we can begin for meditating regularly (daily would be the best) and study the energy of the 7 chakras which go from the core to the wrath. This will help us understand better their attributes, strengths, the nature of its energy, the elements they are associated, etc. In the case you already have the experience handling the chakras then you can go further and study the secondary chakras.

Once you have understood and released your chakras you can go the phase of astral corps. Begin by studying the structure, usages and functions of your astral body and continue with your mental body. During the meditation you can take the enough time to experience how your own energy goes around you at the same time you perceive the subtly between the astral and the mental.

I don't recommend beginners, mostly the new ones, search for a way to work with your own astral corps. Mainly if you don't have the habit of working with your own energy.

So, how I can read each of them?

There are many types and levels of energy reading which depend most of the time on o way of life.

By example, in the physical field reading a protective aura tend naturally to read the energy of sick people, feeling (through other ways of perception) the illnesses people have.

As well as for those who read the emotions is impossible, for some reason, perceive the mental energy; the people who perceive the thoughts can’t feel the emotions or the causative of the situation.

By implication this energy reading exercise can make you develop a kind of “foresight” ability. This isn’t the traditional “destiny” reading using the senses because mediums doesn’t read the akasha (seers do it). It analyze someone’s more causal body since it show all the possible ways you can develop your future base on the causal body aspects.

You can also perceive the potential of each people, even when obstacles like the mental and emotional aspect or the environment you are in affect it.

The energy reading regroup different capabilities as empathy, telepathy and causalopathy (I will talk about this term I invented no so far in another post related to the causal body) which are under a same relation.

How learn and develop the psychic reading

The psychic ability refers to the paranormal tendency of a person to see, feel or understand the natural kingdom beyond the usual limits trough the conscious increase supported by the extra sensorial capability. Develop and direct your psychic ability to connect with people, situations, objects and feelings and getting a higher level of comprehension. Use the meditation exercises as a way to reduce your problems and develop the way you perceive energies and get the psychic messages.

1. Search the psychic trends you know like the audience, feelings, intuition or sights to compare your experience with someone else’s. This allows you understand and trust in the information related to the potential your psychic abilities keep. The soul’s opening lets your brain get and sharpen your psychic abilities faster than you have doubts about them.

2. Take yoga or tai chi courses in which they teach you different meditation techniques. They help you be in harmony with your body and spirit eliminating the stress. Find a peaceful place to meditate and focus enough to release your soul of distractions. This allows your brain go gradually to a lower frequency to let your conscious to channel the receptions of energy and psychic thoughts.

3. Watch a picture during a minute and then close your eyes. Try to visualize every details of the picture. This exercise helps you see better and take into consideration the world around you, strengthening your clairvoyant abilities.

4. Admit psychic abilities like intuition, precognition, soul Reading and distance viewing. Start a diary in which you describe the psychic process to verify if your emotions or predictions come true. Strengthen your believes and abilities to get more confidence will lead you to make more accurate readings tarot online.